Changing the mindset of a future generation of leaders. 

Mindset training with Ryan Stephens

Discovering potential in our learners

At ITeC Digital Training we see potential in every one of our learners. We know they come from varied backgrounds and come to us with different levels of capability and experience, therefore, will need a tailored and adapted approach to their teaching and support. We believe each learner has the potential to be a leader.




When Yasmin joined our team to support our learners participating in the Jobs Growth Wales+ programme, she saw an area of opportunity for our current cohort and suggested a unique solution.




Yasmin felt our learners would benefit from a change of mindset, where they could develop a thirst for knowledge and a desire for personal development and career success and she knew just the person that could help.

Introducing, Ryan Stephens, Mindset and Accountability Coach

inspiring through education

Ryan Stephens, 27, is a mindset coach working across Swansea to support individuals, groups, and organisations to prioritise positive mindfulness. Ryan encourages those he supports to discover ways to be happier and live their lives on their own terms.

Ryan is an extremely inspirational coach and has an aim to impact the lives of 10 million people through his support and content. He loves to help people; he gets joy from knowing someone has benefited from his words and actions. He uses his experience in business and his personal history to influence his coaching. Ryan is an ultra-marathon competitor and has supported several charities through his ambitious physical feats of endurance. 
Raising money and awareness through marathons

Ryan's honesty inspires future generations

Ryan’s honesty, regarding his personal history, also influences how he can support his clients. A major life experience was his time spent in prison at the age of 21. Due to a decline in output from his early business ventures, Ryan resorted to selling drugs to support himself financially, and was subsequently caught and sentenced to serve 9 months in prison. Admittedly, Ryan shared that he felt a depressed state of mind, and like many others in the prison, worried for his future and how this sentence would impact his ability to find work. 


Ryan decided early-on, in his stay in prison, to work hard and develop a skillset that would enable him to be an asset to his community, once released. Within the 9 months, he qualified in counselling, working with substance misuse, mentoring and more. He also took the time to reflect on his actions and worked tirelessly to change his mindset to one of positivity and determination to influence the mindset of others in the future. 

How is Ryan supporting our learners?

Yasmin reached out to Ryan and asked if he could meet once a week, with our learners, to discuss what their personal and professional ambitions are, and to support them in how to achieve their goals with a more positive outlook. 


We know young people will often find the ‘easiest’ option, perhaps the ‘quickest’ way to make enough money to pay the most basic bills. Minimum input, minimum effort. We want our learners to adopt a mindset of achieving ambitious goals through using the right tools and having the right attitude towards the world of work. Ryan’s enthusiasm and tailored coaching style was the perfect fit.


Our learners met with Ryan this week and they hit the beach to do some cleaning; they took prepared topics of conversation, so they could take the most away from the session. Here is what our learners told us about their experience with Ryan.

Feedback from our learners:

One of our learners, Kian, spoke with Yasmin after his beach clean session with Ryan and shared this inspired feeling: 

“It was a really fun experience, I don’t often go to the beach so it was nice to get out in the fresh air. I find Ryan different to individuals that would previously come into my school and take workshops, they would usually be stiff and appear awkward. Ryan is really nice and he really puts effort into our sessions”  

Ryan, himself, also shared a video post on his Instagram account, to share how this session had felt like his ‘win for the day.’ He felt that getting the learners outside and away from the classroom setting, really benefitted them and he’s looking forward to seeing how he can continue to support the learners in the weeks to follow. 


If you feel Ryan’s coaching services could benefit you or your business, visit his website, or join one of his Ideas & Beers sessions if you are local to Swansea.


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