Cyber Security Analyst

Cyber Security is now one of the most important concerns for organisations of all sizes and sectors. Our apprentices gain the skills, knowledge, and competence required to work as a Cyber Security Analyst or Ethical Hacking Analyst in a wide range of job roles.

Program overview

The curriculum combines hands-on experience with the theoretical knowledge needed to excel in cyber security environments. Apprentices learn to identify, protect, detect, respond to, and recover from cyber threats, ensuring they are prepared to support their organisation’s security infrastructure effectively. Our delivery model ensures that apprentices are aligned with the latest industry standards and technologies relevant to their roles.

Benefits & outcomes

  • Threat Identification and Protection: Apprentices become proficient in identifying potential cyber threats and implementing protective measures to safeguard IT systems and data.
  • Incident Detection and Response: They learn to monitor systems for security breaches and respond effectively to incidents, minimising damage and ensuring quick recovery.
  • System Maintenance and Security: Apprentices gain skills in maintaining secure IT environments, including regular updates and vulnerability assessments.
  • Specialisation Opportunities: Apprentices can focus on areas most relevant to their employer’s needs, such as network security, penetration testing, or compliance.
  • Real-World Projects: Participation in ongoing projects helps them apply their skills in practical scenarios, ensuring they are job-ready.
  • Project Portfolio: Apprentices build a comprehensive portfolio showcasing their skills and achievements in managing and enhancing cyber security measures.
3 – 4
Level 3: 21 months
Level 4: 24 months
Cyber Security Analyst 3
or 4 apprenticeship

Who’s it for?

Individuals looking to gain hands-on experience with real-world cyber security systems. If you are passionate about protecting digital assets and want to be at the forefront of defending against cyber threats, this apprenticeship is for you.

Elegibility criteria

  • To have the right to work in the UK
  • Continuous residence in the UK or EEA for the past 3 years
  • At least a grade of 4/C in GCSE Maths and English (or equivalent)
  • No prior study of the course content (e.g. a degree in Cyber Security, Computer Science, etc.)
  • The ability to demonstrate Level 3/4 learning outcomes through work experience
  • No enrollment in other qualifications during the apprenticeship
  • Passionate about IT, Ethical Hacking or Cyber Security