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Swansea IT Training Whether you want to develop your staff’s knowledge, change your career path into IT, or gain a nationally recognised IT qualification, we have something for you.


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Swansea IT Training

ITeC Digital Training aim to provide the best quality IT training and services in Wales. Yes, not only do we provide IT training These include a wide variety of things such as: network cabling, AV installation including interactive whiteboards (we can also provide training on these), and networking equipment. In addition to this we also provide room rental and office space.

Swansea IT Training South Wales

Digital Training Courses Swansea

Microsoft Office: individual packages as well as ECDL Essentials and Extra

Web development and Web 2.0 technologies: content management systems: Joomla, WordPress; Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, Search Engine Optimisation and digital marketing

Technical IT Support and Networking: CompTIA A+, Network+ and introduction to networking

Swansea IT Training ITeC Digital Training

Swansea IT Apprenticeship Training

We have a wide variety of courses we have delivered and we seem to know what works together well; but sometimes you want something a bit more tailored to your needs, and this is where we excel. Prior to each course we provide a consultation to discuss your wants and needs. From this we can devise a course especially for you or your staff which means that there is no time spent on content unnecessary for you and we can deliver exactly what you need.

We pride ourselves on quality, customised training to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. Group courses start from just £90pp per day +VAT, and includes room and resource hire.


Recently been made redundant? If you are unemployed due to being made redundent in the last 3 months, or are currently under notice of redundency, you may be eligible for ReAct funded training up to the value of £1,500!

Courses we Offer through ReAct:

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Access is an alternative funding option for training where you could still be eligible for up to £1500 worth of training! Access is a similiar scheme to ReAct but has different eligibility requirements.

Courses we Offer through Access:

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