New Year, New Career?

New Year, New Career

We all try to reinvent ourselves at the start of the year. New diet, new style, planning holidays, a newly decorated home etc etc etc. 

Do you fulfil your resolutions?

How many of us keep to our resolutions? Probably less than 10%. If you set your sights too high and not plan effectively you will never achieve your resolutions. 

Plan your future today

One of the best promises you can make to yourself at the start of this year is to choose a career that offers you progression, opportunity, and real security in a developing world. 

Finding a career in IT

Careers in IT are growing exponentially. Successful businesses understand that strong marketing, efficient and exciting software, and proficient IT users are the key to their success and are willing to invest in finding the perfect candidates to secure their futures. 

Finding the right employer

At ITeC Digital Training in Swansea, we commit to working with innovative and dedicated employers across South Wales. We support the businesses to advertise their vacancies and recruit eager apprentices. 

Follow your dreams

If you are due to leave school this year and you would like a training opportunity that you can practically apply yourself to, then an IT apprenticeship would be a great role for you. We are also extremely happy to take applications from individuals that are looking for a career change, check out our blog about Fran who went from careers in senior retail management to self-sufficiency in digital marketing here.>


What courses do we offer?

We offer apprenticeships in numerous areas. Digital Marketing, Software Development, Project Management, IT Practitioner, and IT User at various levels, for different capabilities. 


The best learning environment

Our apprentices work 4 days a week with an employer, receiving ‘on-the-job’ training and gaining real-life experience in a workplace. They will receive 1 day of training a fortnight at our facility in Swansea, learning the highest business standards in their chosen field.  

How do I find my dream career in IT?

All you must do is keep an eye on our social profiles to keep up to date with the latest vacancies.

Do yourself a favour...

Make a New Years’ Resolution that you stick to in 2023 and get in touch with us.